Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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Great app

It has most of the features of the normal software. Youre just not able to write in it.

Great App

Very easy to use and learn!

Taught me nothing

I could learn nothing because the sight told me the words in the language I wanted to learn but it didnt tell me what it was in English

VG. Could be better

Excellent teaching. Crashes too much. Some pics too small. Would be good to link to translation app for forgotten words. Often no time to see words fill in before it moves on to next screen.

Pretty decent

I just started using it and so far am pretty good at speaking French. 4/ far.

Great beginnings...

I appreciate the concept of learning with Rosetta Stone based upon the building blocks of starting simple and getting more complex. I am only on level 2, but have enjoyed it thus far.


This app is amazing I love what it has to offer and learning the basics of what the language requires but Id like some more free lessons because I cant afford to pay what it costs.

Great App!

Im actually a pretty busy person for being a freshman in High School and now that I have an app to practice or learn German, I feel very satisfied! Now I can fit Rosetta Stone in my schedule after school before I have practice for sports or club meetings and I can do it on car rides as well, although my parents arent very pleased with me using up the data for something I could wait to get home to do... So far, no problems.

Great app!

Really great app. It helps me speak more Spanish

I like it

Im trying this app and for the moment I like it.

Great way to learn a new language!

Tip: its better if you use earphones with mic

Good app

Good app. I do feel like Im learning but would like to know why the written part of the lesson isnt available on my iPhone.

Poorly administered

The direction of procedure are not clear. Spent too much time trying figure out. Time I will never get back!

Fun with languages

This is my first time trying a new language. The app makes learning fun and entertaining.

Good, but a little misleading.

I bought this expensive program because it stated that up to 5 family members could use it, but once I bought it I learned that they could only use it on the computer, not on line. It would be extremely expensive to have a whole family being able to learn on iPads and iPhones which, of course, would be the most accessible way to use this program. I have learned a good bit on my own in only one week though.


Not super useful vocab, but it really helps you get used to the language!

Wow doesnt work

This thing is so annoying it wont even let me make my account


I wish this program was available, when I was in the Navy!! Rosetta Stone is so much simpler, than the old days. Interactive online learning is the way to go!!

Entirely misleading

After spending a hefty sum to purchase the program, you then have to pay hundreds more just to keep the app working. Not that the app offered all the lessons you paid for anyway. Nowhere near worth the amount of money spent on this program.

Love it

Its one of the best ways to learn a language

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