Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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Cannot buy lessons! Useless App!

I cannot find how I am to purchase lessons beyond the first. Help!

Efficient !

Just tried it and it seems to be really effective. The immersion techniq is powerful...just tried lesson 1 though.

Very good application

Rosetta Stone Chinese is very helpful. I enjoy studying this difficult language.

Good but

Good, to learn languages, progressive to beginners, but some time difficult and very slot to connect, even some time my courses are lock despite I have brought the whole training. Vocal reconnaissance as usual not perfect.

Nice app

Very nice app.


This method is smart n simple. Its help so much

So simple and so smart


The last version is terrible (November 2015) - its supposed to help downloading lessons for offline use and whereas it was working perfectly fine before, it now doesnt fully upload the lessons (or does but then it has to be done many times again for the same lesson for no reason) and the lessons done offline are no longer taken into account when getting online can I go back to the previous version?

Too expensive.

It costs 199.99 euros for the Mandarin lessons. And some courses or phrases seem strange to Chinese native speakers, as they seldom use in their daily activities.

Wonderful application!

I decided to try Rosetta Stone to catch up on my creek, in order to progress to the required B2 proficiency level, for professional purposes. The application is easy to use, encompasses all of the required steps for language fluency, and progresses and a smooth and logical manner. I was specially pleased to be able to use it anywhere and at any time. I recommend it to anyone willing to learn a new language.

very good method but the software very unstable

the method is very good and it is a pleasure to learn Chinese with it, however the software (i use integral on line option on iPhone and iPad) is very unstable: application blocks very often and disconnections are frequent which make using the application very annoying. besides as I use only Chinese characters scripts without Pinyin, very often the display field is not suitable for total length of sentence so characters are lacking which is very pity for learning. in Chinese you cannot learn unknown characters without seeing it written down

Great !!!

Ive been using this app for a month now. Its truly great very well made with amazing features and great learning tactics. I definitely recommend !


Easy and efficient

Easy to understand

Just Easy to understand new languages structure.



Very good

Very good

Rosetta Stone

Macht richtig Spass......

Just the best i have tried!

I tried some years ago to study English and German with my computer! Its great, you learn grammar, listening, writing and talking really quick from first lesson. The only software which keeps me focused for hours.. the app uses same layout as PC version. Its pricy but really worth. Enjoy!


Manchmal friert.

Good but not great for the price

Really great format, love the pronunciation feedback but some flaws that really annoy me: 1. App constantly logs me out and I have to waste my time typing my email address and password all over again! Its a fingerprint enabled iPhone! Use it! 2. Almost every 2-3 times I have to "restore purchases" seriously ?? Im becoming frustrated 3. The downloads for offline use are slow to download, disappear and then take too long to download again! I feel like these are basic app principles. And some pretty annoying flaws when I spend $300CAD on it- I hope they get fixed bc this app does deserve 5 star otherwise

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