Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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Good but very expensive :/


Absolutely perfect app !

Cok iyi


Loading process too long

The loading process takes too much time. It frustrates me.


Good, very good

Good but...

Good, but very expensive.

The best!

I have tried every language app and this one is especially good for pronunciation.

Easy way to learn the language

You have fun while learning the language , really easy and great !

Like on PC

Great version of Rosetta for iPad. Even better than on a computer, becouse you can learn everywhere! The only con is the writing tasks. Its only possible on desktop or laptop. I hope a simmilar application will be also available for box version users of Rosetta Advance.


The perfect for beginner

Nice job!

Very useful and easy. Awesome! 10/10!

Program fails during using

This program is the best for studing languages. But it costs its money but only if it works, unfortunately the program fails from level 2. Im using Rosetta Stone (Spanish Latin America version) on iPad Mini on ios 8.1 (12b410). Please fix it or return money.

I admire, I am excited, I am interested

Our programs help me to understand not only phonetic phenomena but also grammatical principles. I enjoy your audio podcasts in it : the dialogues after every unit where you have to answer by yourself and your pronunciation that is certainly wonderful and taking so plain. Every lesson is full of colorful pictures that allows to learn and remember easier. Have fun with this app, not any others can provide it.

Writing is not available on iPad

Why writing is not available on iPad??please add the functionality


Very Nice and usefull programm


A very useful and nice looking application. I enjoy it a lot!

Rosetta Stone

Cool! Very good.


Its the most useful program Ive ever seen!

Chinese learner

It is very-very good. Thanks a lot.

Nice program

It is very useful program for learning languages specially for adult people.

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