Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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This is a very smooth running app! Great!

Easy to use

Its easy to use and I really like how interactive it is. Right now I feel like Im mostly refreshing basic vocabulary I remember from when I was in school. Im interested to see how complex the lessons get as u continue in the courses and how well this really translates into future everyday usability.

No writing lessons on iPhone/iPad

I like this app, but I wish I could practice writing... or at least see what the writing lessons are like. Apparently, that is only available on a computer, and I dont ever use my computer... nor do I want to pay twice for the program. I can only imagine how hard this might be for me if I didnt already know the Korean alphabet... and some cultural things. Also, I wouldnt trust the pronunciation tasks because I know I passed some when I shouldnt have (meaning I said the phrase partially right but some of my words were completely wrong). Still though, if you already have some familiarity with the language you want to speak, the app can be very useful.

Enjoy it

Fantastic app for an even better overall program. Without this convenient way of learning a language, the options are limited and primitive. Anyone complaining about the cost of this program isnt taking full advantage of the benefits. Love it.

I do not like it. The fact that being able to do all the lessons for $200.00 is not something I would do knowing that the lessons dont even teach you what the phrase means.

Great app if I could access all of it!

I love this app, especially combined with real life practice. As far as apps go I think its amazing. However I am not able to access all of the lessons on my iPhone 5. Which stinks because I just bought it thinking that I could access everything on a five, as I used to have a 4.

Muy Excelente

Still have a ways to go before Im comfortable speaking Spanish fluently, but this app is a wonderful tool that has helped me with pronunciation and verb conjugation.

Latest Version Still Unusable Due To Microscopic Text

Another update fails to fix lack of line wrapping and shrinking of text below readable size. App and paid subscription useless at upper levels with longer sentences. Are they even listening?


Perfect app!!!!

Why am I just discovering this now?

Wish I had known that I could just be using this rather than my laptop. So easy and convenient.

A Tired App

I have been a long time user of this app as I am always looking for ways to improve my Spanish. This app is very expensive for not a lot of benefit. Certainly there is no innovation going on at Rosetta Stone. Some newer apps like Spanish Solo and Duolingo are much better and much cheaper, and I think more educational ... For me at least. Rosetta seems to be plugging along on reputation.

Not enough practice speaking

Nowhere near enough practice speaking, which may be just as well because it "okays" pretty bad mispronunciations, especially of vowels. This may be a misguided attempt to be "lenient" or avoid going too hard on students-- but pronouncing a vowel incorrectly can completely change the meaning of a word. It would be far better to be draconian from the get-go; garbled pronunciation defeats the whole purpose of learning a language. Not that you would, because as mentioned at the outset, there is barely any practice speaking. Both Pimsleur and Living Language beat the hell out of this VERY expensive software, at a fraction of the price. Though neither is an app, both would be a vastly superior way to learn another language--again, at a small fraction of Rosetta Stones wildly inflated cost. Id give it a negative star if I could, because it wastes your time.

OK apt

I have enjoyed using this apt. In fact, I do all of my Rosetta Stone Russian on my IPad. However, most of the time I have to use it off line. If I try to use it on line it freezes when loading my course. The only way I have found to fix this is to re-download the apt. When I do, I lose all my data and have to download the lessons again. OS updates also seem to fix it temporarily.


Great App but should allow for writing exercises

Love it!

I love learning new languages, so this is right up my alley. I just dont like how it does not stay connected to my car Bluetooth when it comes time for speech. Also, although not just an app issue, I would prefer that after finishing each section it leaves the answers up a bit longer to give time to re-read them all. With all the rules and accents we need time to look the answers over. Other than that great app!


I love it! Of course I still need to use my computer for some parts but I love being able to practice on the go!

Latin American

Its long as you dont think about how you paid 200 dollars for an app thats missing sixty-four classes, including twenty milestones. I mean, who needs those assessments anyway? And youll laugh yourself into a fit when you realize that they decided not to include that information in their app details (jajaja). Rosetta Stone totally owned me on that one. Something my drugged out next door neighbor would do. I love that guy.

Amazing App

I love this app it makes learning a new language easy and so much more accessible than the desktop software. I would love it even more if I could do the writing and Milestone lessons on it so that I didnt need the computer. I would definably recommend this app

Wont load

It will not load.

Use Duolingo instead

Check out Duolingo instead. Its free. WAY better ROI.

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