Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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I love the app, but not the price.

I love speaking a language that my ancestors spoke, but to learn all of it, you have to spend over $100, possibly even $200. And like I said before, love the app, but not the price.

Easy enough

I just thought I try it out and is fairly simple, put thing in perspective for easy learning

Great app

Sometimes crashes, but not enough to be annoying.

Pretty Good

The application works fine with a decent internet connection. It would be four stars if the useless pause button actually worked. I often want to review my answers before it moves on but the app refuses to pause. I have tried everything, finally just gave up.

Doesnt work

The question and answer section does not work. I can only see half the options and sometimes the correct answer is not shown. Very frustrating.


So far so good. I really enjoy having the app and I think it is great!

Fix problem with iPhone headphones!!!

For the past year this app doesnt work with iPhone headphones. Fix the problem and the app goes to three stars.

Current version buggy

I was really happy with the app until the current update. It is now skipping every other exercise within the lesson. Once you finish with the exercise you have to go back in to do the exercises that were missed. This doesnt make sense. Previously I could complete an exercise in one sitting. Furthermore, if I try to do more than one exercise in a sitting, the app starts to get buggy. The longer I go, the likelihood of it crashing increases. I have to close the app, re-open, and re-login. This only fixes it for the next one or two lessons. Anything longer and it crashes again. Re-installing the app doesnt fix it either. It makes the app a less worthwhile option than the desktop version. Then again, Im not sitting in front of my desktop for long periods of time. I used to like the app since I could squeeze in a lesson wherever I was. But now, that is near difficult since it gets impossible to use after only one lesson.

Good but buggy

A memory bug of some kind slows the app to a crawl by the end of each lesson. Each question hangs the app for longer and longer between the next until the app crashes. Content: A Coding: D

Slow- way too much pausing

I just started with this and the pacing is agonizingly slow. It takes more than a few seconds in between each question and many seconds to get between exercises. When you get to pronunciation the delay between each syllable has to be 7 seconds or more. Its agonizingly slow. Im not sure if this is because the app is slow or it is designed to be like this, but if its the latter, you should be able to either skip the pause to get to the next question or be able to make it faster paced in the settings. Worse, some questions where you are expected to speak suddenly, there is no warning and if you wait more than a couple seconds it marks you wrong. Its all over the place, timing wise. The slowness of it really makes the process more painful than it needs to be.

Review for the app, not the learning method

This app is incredibly buggy. It regularly reduces to a crawl after 10-15 min of use when I need to kill it and start again. Ive resorted to working on it in offline mode since it seems to be more responsive that way, though it still slows after a while. Besides this, the speech recognition will often accept gibberish (i.e. My kids speaking in the background) and reject perfectly pronounced phrases. Finally, while I generally appreciate the learning method sometimes you really cant tell what a new grammatical construct is without a bit more information and forcing you to only learn in the foreign language leaves something to be desired. I end up supplementing with Pimsleur and books.

Having Fun

Im having a lot of fun with this app. It doesnt have quite the same functionality as the program but it is very convenient.

$200 or bust

I dont know why this app says "offers in app purchases". Its an all or nothing deal with this. Either you cough up $200, or you dont get very far. Id like to purchase just a couple lessons here and there to brush up. Doesnt appear that is possible. I will stick with Duolingo for now.

Very Disappointed

New words are used without meaning. Did not allow for student to practice speaking so no idea whether speaking correctly.

Nice app, but...

Im really enjoying how quickly Im learning with this app, the only problem is the further I advance the slooooower it responds. Sometimes it hangs for several minutes which is so frustrating! I usually have to restart the program a few times during a single lesson. And I always make sure nothing is running in the background. I hope there is a fix for this soon...


I upgraded from Ver 3 and spent 2 1/2 hours on live chat to get Lang Learning, Ver 5 working on my laptop so that I could use this app to have Rosetta Stone on my iPad. The progress I made on Ver 3 did NOT transfer over and the support person deleted my Ver 3, so there is no getting that back. With homeschool student reports, that was extremely frustrating that they did not make that known prior to upgrade. The online subscription for $14 per month is for ONE user only! This was NOT clear on the website and online subscription costs are NOT refundable under their 30 day money back guarantee. I was eventually able to get the program to work on my laptop. However, when I signed in online, it said I had already completed all levels. I eventually got an error code and was able to trace the problem to having a spec character in my password. It was NOT stated that the password could not have spec characters and the program allowed me to have that password. After finally getting it set up on my laptop and online, I tried the iPad & iPhone apps. The home screen has a banner at the bottom that looks like it should have words and buttons, but the entire page does nothing. After navigating around the app, I found where to download the units. However, that changed nothing with my ability to access the lesson. So, the app is useless. When I contacted Rosetta Stone, they said they would connect me to support. NO thanks! Im not spending another 2 1/2 hours on live chat with India to get the app to work on 1 user for $14 per month. There are other programs out there that are highly rated and I think it is time I change programs.

Crashes a lot and expensive.

Every time I use this app itll crash, and even to get to the home page to see where my progress is, it crashes. Otherwise, identical to the one you get on the computer, but the price is misleading. I have Rosetta Stone for the computer and I was informed it would be a monthly subscription I could choose to not renew, however it was one bulk price and I can only hope I have this permanently. Youd think for what you pay the app would be more stable.


Its looking like its a pretty great app. I really like it, even though I havent been able to use it as much as I hoped. My only real concern is how easily it "okays" or passes your pronunciations. Its extremely lenient there. However, just to get the basics I think its alright.

Bug on Application & No Refund!

Bug. Application does not work, it locks itself and loses your progress. Rosetta Stone does not do refunds. Apple doesnt do them either. Dont say I didnt warn you.

Err, navigation???

How the heck are you supposed to navigate? Rosetta decided I wanted to, as an English speaker, learn British English. No, I did not, but how then to change the language lesson?! Im sure theres a way that is better than deleting the app and reloading it...but, I never found it. Looked online, no clues there, either. Strange app, makes me question diving in for the real deal software for $$$ if they cant make this wee little app have intuitive navigation.

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