Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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Great! Learn languages any time easily

I like this app for great quality and easy form of learning languages. I like the web site as well. Thank you!

Best course to start learning language.

The best to start leonine language before u start learning with teacher. It make u feel language and grammar with intuition. Would be great is numbers of lessons and levels more then 5. One minus is not a big vocabulary. Need to learn additional words somewhere els. Extra lessons with vocabulary would increase the

Need to improve

The idea of course is very good. But software poor are row: - time to timer required password and if you dont have internet access yo dont have a chance continue course - program periodically crashed - then longer you use program then slower it will works and finally crashed - time to time progress registered not accurately: you can loose progress or get 100% with mistakes

Subscription for months

Open please paid subscription for months! Very expensive and inaccessible to the program!

Slow, inaccurate progress record, settings disappear

Slows down and crashes all the time. Doesnt capture the progress correctly - loses data on completed exercises. Doesnt save learning focus settings: i try to choose "Extended" but after next log on it goes back to "Standard" When trying to use feedback function from iPad app, it gives "error" to enter valid email, although there is nowhere I can enter it. In website version my email is up to date. Pretty bad for such an expensive app!

Very very good

A must to learn any language

Important limits

Very good the teaching, but unacceptable that the App version dont allow to make all the writing sections and Milestone, spending the same amount.

Very good

This app is really works good, its good for beginners

Great application

I am enjoying learning language with this app application☺️


Im. Become a better personal using language of the worlds!

Excellent learning tool!

I have been working with the Irish language for quite some time. Since I got this product I have learned as much in a few weeks as I had in months before.


Cant get past the select a country when creating an account. The app just stops right there. Downloaded this for nothing. Thumbs down.


Love learning with RS. However, I really miss the old TOTALE App! It was just audio and you could engage while taking a walk or driving. REALLY WISH IT WAS BACK. They say "just download the audio files" well . . . Not so easy to do!

Love it!

Im learning so quickly!

3 times a charm

So far so good! I will be updating in a few months! Hoping to be a trilingual soon...

Rosetta Stone application.

Wonderful app not glitchy and easy to use. I purchased the entire program and got this for 3 months free so I am utilizing everything I can.

Great App to bring along

Only complaint is when I go back to review I have to wade through a question on each screen. I am reviewing on purpose.


Although I dont think I should pay to use this app, it is more convenient than using it on a desktop. Paying for it on a monthly basis will hopefully motivate me to finish quicker, but that might be the aim of monetizing this app.


Easy to learn new languages with this program

Makes learning easy and fun!

Makes learning easy and fun!

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