Rosetta Stone: Learn Language App Reviews

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BEST investment ever!!!!

Ok so I did terrible in a classroom setting. Just learning English as my second language took me half a lifetime. I wish I would have known about Rosetta stones language learning techniques earlier! Its so fun and easy! Its seriously like youre playing a game, that you actually understand!This is a way that I am able to learn! Ive only done Spanish for a little over a week, and I am shocked at how much I have learned. If you think learning a new language is too hard, think again! Just try it, if you dont like it you can get your money back after 30 days. However Im convinced you wont want to! If I can do this, anyone can! Go for it!!!!

Steadily improving

This version continues to improve on the experience and stability of previous versions, which means they are working on it (a very good sign for an app). That said, it could run a lot faster on my iPad Mini 1, and, on my iPhone 7, the text and many of the pictures are WAY too small to make out.

Rosetta Stone

This app is wonderful, its taught me so much!

Good so far

The format seems very easy to follow and works well when I have only a few minutes at a time to learn.

Much, much better than DuoLingo

So glad Rosetta Stone has switched to an affordable monthly subscription... Really, they are the best, and I say this is someone who is tried numerous free apps, as well as virtual, in-person classes.

Great app

It makes me so excited to learn Spanish and its fun! :)

Good but...

You have to pay to continue learning the language

Learning Spanish Made Do-able

As in anything worthwhile, one must put some effort into it. This program makes learning Spanish do-able. It is a bucket list thing!

Getting ready for trip

I want to have a few simple words of Italian for an upcoming trip. I believe this will get me there. There is enough review I think the words will stick.

Wonderful app

A good app for learning grammar and sentence structure.

Very Helpful

This app uses smart methods in helping me learn Greek fast and effectively.

This App Is amazing

I wish they could put more free sessions ♥️


Easy to purchase and start learning. Only been an hour using the program but I like it

The Best Foundation

Its the best foundation for learning new languages. Ive been using the service and app for three years now, and Rosetta has not disappointed me in fixing the minor bugs that were there before, and improving the website, the app, and the curriculum. All of the complaints I used to have have all been addressed. The app has been upgraded. The website upgraded. And the curriculum upgraded. And I hope more improvements are coming. And I look forward to another three years with you guys.

Good App

I like using it. Its pretty close to the desktop version. Problems are that it crashes once a day, and I have to log back in. Also, the app doesnt show speech bubbles for 1st person tense phrases. I still use the app on the go or in my bed.

Learn naturally

I learned the Spanish course. I love how there is not even one bit of English. Its just pictures and sounds. Has pronunciation exercises as well!

Great app

Its a great app. The only disappointing thing is that one cant play games or do any of the listening things. But its great for going through the lessons and checking pronunciation. Also, not sure I found where one can change how one is graded on pronunciation like on the webpage.

Nice update but introduces issues

I really like the new interface, but performance has degraded considerably and eventually crashes on my iPad mini 2. It has also introduced some new issues, Ive noticed that on some exercises the last answer is not pronounced before moving to the next exercise. There are sometimes issues with progress being saved and forcing me to redo exercises. And last, I used to be able to pause a lesson and take a look at the correct answers, now when you pause, the lesson disappears.

Fun and easy

Its fun and easy to learn especially combined with regular conversations with people who speak the language Im learning.

Slow and Glitchy

While the original language platform is great, the mobile app is a big disappointment. Lagging slides, slow transitions, non-responsive tabs made the whole experience grueling. More time is spent waiting for frames to load than learning. Tough to pay money for glitches.

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